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Salicylat in th om willow bak has bn usd ov 2,000 yas. Som medrol dose pack. popl still us willow bak as a mnatual mdy hadachs and minachs and pains.

Salicylat in th om willow bak has bn usd ov 2,000 yas. Som popl still us willow bak as a mnatual mdy hadachs and minachs and pains.

Stop taking aspiin and call you docti you v lasts long than 3 days, i you pain lasts long than 10 days, i th pat you body that was painul bcoms d swolln. You may hav a condition that must b tatd by a docto.

I you xpinc a sious sid ct, you you doctmay snd a pot tth ood and Dug Administation’s (DA) MdWatch Advs vnt poting pogam onlin (http://www.da.gov/Saty/MdWatch) by phon (1-800-332-1088).

Unndd mdications should b disposd in spcial ways tnsu that pts, childn, and oth popl cannot consum thm. Howv, you should not lush this mdication down th toilt. Instad, th bst way tdispos you mdication is though a mdicin tak-back pogam. Talk tyou phamacist contact you local gabag/cycling dpatmnt tlan about tak-back pogams in you community. S th DA’s Sa Disposal Mdicins wbsit (http://goo.gl/c4m4p) minomation i you dnot hav accss ta tak-back pogam.

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your doctor may instruct you to stop aspirin dipyridamole 7-10 days before surgery.

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