MPs to vote on bill that seeks to change election date.

The National Assembly will on Wednesday next week vote on the bill that seeks to amend the constitution to change the election date from August to December of every fifth year.

Debate on the Bill sponsored by Kiminini MP, Chris Wamalwa, was finalized on October 3rd but it was not put to vote due to lack of the requisite quorum, since it requires two thirds majority MPs to sail through.

During the debate, some members expressed concern that the Bill required approval by a referendum, saying changing the election date would in effect touch on the term of office of the President.

In his Communication to the House, Speaker Justin Muturi while quoting the constitution said the responsibility of determining whether it requires a referendum or not does not lie with the Speaker or the House, as the role of the House is to exercise the legislative authority, before forwarding the bill to the President for assent.

The Speaker told the Kiminini legislator to marshal support in order to meet the requisite number of 233 members. order cialis online in canada reviews. Super Tadarise for sale viagra pay on invoice uk. , clomid online sex.pakistan. .