Bahati MP calls for Interparty deliberations instead of referendum

Bahati Member of Parliament Kimani Ngunjiri is calling for an Inter Parties Parliamentary Group IPPG deliberations on the contentious issues in the constitution instead of a referendum which he says is an unnecessary expense to the overburdened taxpayer.

The legislator wants the civil society and the drafters of the 2010 constitution to refrain from driving the referendum debate but pave way for the formation of the IPPG caucus to iron out issues in the law that have been raised by the citizenry.

The law maker who also chairs the Nakuru County parliamentary caucus says citizens who he says bear the brunt of the constitution should be allowed to drive the amendment process.

He further called on the political class to desist from politicizing changes fronted in the debate but instead join hands with citizens in identifying common concerns that will redirect the country to the desired path of development.

He appealed to the clergy to be vigilant against a section of political leadership that is bent on using the church to achieve selfish goals in the raging referendum debate.

The MP was speaking on Monday afternoon at a news conference in Nakuru where he blamed the Jubilee Party for overreaching itself in its campaign promises by pledging excess government sponsored programs that would see tax payers dig deeper in their pockets buy sildenafil indian pharmacies that accept paypal. vigra ganaric. , buy clomid mexican prednisone. .