He said he accepted the appointment as AU’s High Representative for Infrastructure Development Championing to spearhead the modernization and upgrading of selected Trans African Highway Corridors and their missing links. lasix with no scrpit.
Odinga said insufficient infrastructure networks across the continent have limited cross-border flows of trade, capital, information, and people. This, he said, has drastically affected Africa’s growth and broader development performance and regional integration. To this end, Odinga said he is planning to ensure that Trans-African Highway project that was launched in 1971 is completed.
The Trans-African project is a network of nine highways which, when connected, will cover a combined total of 60,000 kilometers across the continent. One of them will stretch 8,000 kilometers between Cairo (Egypt) and Dakar (Senegal); another for 8,000 kilometers between Cairo and Cape Town; a third for 6,000 kilometers between Lagos and Mombasa; and a fourth for 4,700 kilometers between Dakar and Lagos, Nigeria. Only one of nine highways has been completed so far, according to Odinga.